Friday, June 21, 2013

Sarix with SureVision Technology

Sarix with SureVision Technology

Sarix Security Camera with SureVision Technology
Traditionally, when a scene contains both brightly lit and shaded areas as well as intense light sources, image quality has been known to suffer. But new SureVision technology, exclusive to Sarix cameras, combines Wide Dynamic Range along with Low Light and Anti-Bloom capabilities into one highly intelligent technology. Sarix cameras with SureVision automatically deliver the best possible image in the most complex lighting conditions. And with new features allowing for ease of setup, convenient functions, and more control – Sarix is the ideal solution for every possible environment and demand. Sarix cameras with SureVision technology are currently available in both box and mini dome models, with groundbreaking new features available for all models of Sarix and Sarix Ti.
  • SureVision Technology, featuring
    • WDR
    • Low-Light Performance
    • Anti-Bloom Technology
  • SVGA and 1.2MP
  • H.264 up to 30FPS
  • Auto Back Focus or Auto Focus
  • Varifocal Lens
  • Enhanced Sharpness
  • Featuring 1.8.2 Firmware Now Available for Download

Hotline : +6016-666 1221
              +6019-900 8288

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